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STRUCTURES is a creative tool. Instead of using existing tools to produce single defined images, the idea was to build a new one to define and open up a whole infinite multidimensional space of virtual images. STRUCTURES makes it possible to explore this space in a playful and creative way.

From a technical point of view, STRUCTURES is a full-fledged multithreaded Qt-GUI application that is backed by millions and millions of Creative Commons Flickr images from all over the world.

By picking prototype images, choosing text tags and adjusting several parameters I can interactively create stacked blended compound images consisting of multiple visually and semantically similar layers. Although it handles hundreds of gigabytes of photo material, the app still remains responsive – able to find images with similar content within seconds.




Office of Dr. Mietschke, Berlin – 2012
Current Nets, Media Arts Exhibition, Berlin – 2012
Lange Nacht der Museen, Kommunikationsmuseum, Berlin – 2010
Rundgang University of Arts, Berlin – 2009