Hydrophis Profundorum Illuminatus

Hydrophis Profundorum Illuminatus belongs to the omnivorous sea snakes. Besides chasing prey actively, it also maintains a permanent stream of water through its body, which is filtered for nutrition. It is the object of speculations whether H. communicates mainly by hydroacoustic means or also electromagnetically.

This organic creature is part of a group project called Varia Zoosystematica Profundorum - experimental studies in deep-sea communication.

All sounds produced come from a self-written polyphonic software-synthesizer on an Arduino. The Arduino also controls the LEDs and a fan that makes Hydrophis inhale and exhale very slowly – in the middle of the video you can hear the fine sizzling noise produced as she inflates and deflates her body.

Also connected to the Arduino is an RF Module, so Hydrophis can talk to other creatures around – every sound and light produced is actually a form of communication.



Transmediale/NK, Berlin – 2011
Singuhr Hörgalerie/Großer Wasserspeicher, Berlin – 2010