Juice, juice, juice!

Recently I decided it was time for a juicer. Besides juices just taste good, they’re an easy way to provide your body with lots of nutrients from fresh raw (organic!) fruit and vegetables giving your health a boost. Plus they’re extra easy to absorb for your digestive system and you don’t have to chew all day.

Fresh vegetable juices are one of the main elements of the Gerson Therapy - a therapy known to be able to cure cancer and other diseases.

Okeh, a juicer. But which one? Not an easy decision, every style of juicer has it’s pros and cons and which one works best really depends on your needs.

My needs were that it should:

  • be good in handling hard produce, like carrots and beetroot
  • be able to juice wheatgrass and other greens
  • preserve as much nutrients as possible
  • be easy and fast to clean
  • not be super expensive, if possible

It quickly turned out that I’d had to get a slow masticating juicer and not a centrifugal one. The ones with a centrifuge may be faster sometimes, but they tend to oxidize the juice and thus destroy lots of the precious nutrients.

After some research I found that most of the classics didn’t suit my needs. The Green Star is too hard to clean and the Champion can’t handle wheatgrass and does more oxidizing. I ended up deciding between the Omega 8004/8006Omega VRT350 and the Oscar Neo DA-1000 - buying the Omega 8004 in the end, because it’s easier to clean and handles hard produce better than the VRT and is said to produce little better results than the Oscar (which is almost identical, the difference is the housing and – more important – the auger). Also the VRT is not able to make sorbets, pasta, nut butters and all these other extra niceties.

In Germany the Omega (which is called Omega 8224 instead of Omega 8004 in it’s 220V version) is not widely available. Eujuicers.de seemed to have the best price and they also took a lot of time to have a chat and clear up some questions I had. Very nice!

Another resource that helped me a lot picking the right juicer was the info on discountjuicers.com and especially the juicer comparison videos made by the quite funny guy running the site.

His enthusiasm reminded me of Jim Carrey and the Juice Weasel:

Look at it!  :D

Despite making lots of fresh delicious energizing juices you should definitely try a frozen fruit sorbet! A kind of fruit ice cream made of frozen bananas as the basis and other optional ingredients to experiment with, like natural sweeteners, cocoa, strawberries, raspberries, coconut, cinnamon and what ever comes to your mind. Yummi!

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